By popular demand here is a link to a site with an abundance of exciting recipes: contains the recipe archives of the American magazines Gourmet and Bon Appetit.

This link should take you to the monthly recipe published on the website of the sumptuous Thuriès magazine, a magazine which aims itself "aux professionnels des Métiers de Bouche et aux amateurs qui désirent approfondir leurs connaissances en art culinaire et saisir toutes les tendances de la gastronomie française." (You can only really say that in French!)

If you find yourself recognising rather a lot of the dishes people cook on Masterchef, then the Thuriès magazine is for you!

If you're French isn't up to it (it's remarkably easy actually) then Caterer & Hotelkeeper (the trade magazine for the hospitality industry) is actually one of the best ways to get recipes from the top chefs and new ideas. But a lot of it's dull - and for a long time it was only the dull stuff that seems to make it onto their website. But now there's a recipe archive, which you can access by following this link. But probably best to try to cadge a copy off your local friendly restaurateur rather than buy your own.

And follow this link for some recipes that I've made my own.

If you need some cheese, I've found this lot very efficient as well as selling cheese in tip-top condition: The Cheese Society



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